BGNM Certification Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process for Certifying under our ANSI National Green Building Standard (Standard).

  1. Download the 2015 Build Green NM program Spreadsheet. This is a comprehensive spreadsheet that has the information you need in order to certify your home in the BGNM program. Go to tab 1 Program Overview to get the summary of how the program works
  2. Next, to initially “score” your project go to the tab Project information and enter (1) the Conditioned Floor Area of the home (2) Climate Zone (hint: Las Cruces is zone 3, Albuquerque is Zone 4 and Santa Fe is Zone 5, There is a complete listing of climate zones in tab 7). With just these 3 items identified you may now go to the 3rd tab Scoring & Verification. Here you will use the “Points Claimed” Column to do an initial “Scoring” of your project. How did you do?
  3. As soon as you identify and score a project that you want to build to be certified by Build Green NM you will need to:
 1) Find an HERS Rater to review your plans and, later, to test your home’s energy performance. Third party home energy rating is required for all home certifications, which is not included in the certification fee. The Energy Rater can give you an idea of how your home will perform in later energy efficiency assessments, and discuss the scheduling and fees. 
2) Find a Home Innovations Research Lab Green Verifier at Build Green NM only uses verifiers approved from this list. Money Saving Tip: Many Green Verifiers are also HERS Raters. Ask if they provide both services.
  4. Register your project with Build Green NM. We require registration be submitted with the $50 registration fee no later than Framing Phase.
  5. Build away! Your certification materials do not need to be submitted to Build Green until your certification packet is complete with all testing, verification and support documentation.
  6. Inspections by Green Verifier occur at framing and final, make sure to schedule with the verifier in advance.
  7. Your Verifier and the 2015 Build Green NM Spreadsheets will help you understand all needed documentation, when to test and when verification inspections occur.
  8. Fees are listed and purchased on this website.
  9. Fill out the Certification Application form completely and submit the appropriate fee with your application. Checks only can either be mailed or hand delivered to the Home Builders Association of Central NM (HBA CNM) at: 4100 Wolcott Ave NE, Suite B, Albuquerque NM 87109. For any questions contact the program director Steve Hale at or call at 505-688-5335.